I met Sam through my sister who recommended her healing technique. Sam explained the approach and though I wasn't sure how distance healing might work I asked her to look at some stuff for me. Somehow it makes a difference - I don't really need to understand how exactly it works, it just does! Sam is a special person with a very special gift. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to try something new. You'll feel the benefit and the experience will help you grow your awareness of the magic and power of the Universe, that affects us all.

Thank you Sam - you make my hair curl.



I was introduced to Sam through a friend who had a remote healing carried out.  I was amazed at the content of my treatment which was also remote and the superb follow up received.  Sam is warm, funny and empathetic.  I have complete faith in her,  so much so that she has become my  "go to" and I would thoroughly recommend her.



I injured my knee in a bad skiing accident in January. I have always been fit & active & although my recovery had been slow I had made steady progress throughout the winter & spring however I seemed to reach a point where I was making no improvement & I was still some way from "better". I approached Sam with some scepticism as my background is scientific. I met with Sam, she talked through my problem & her planned approach to helping me. Sam picked up that I didn't fully trust the process & talked to me about that too, offering me reassurance & guidance. Within days of the "treatment" there was a marked improvement in my knee & I would recommend this process. 



I have now received a couple of treatments remotely from Sam, and after each one there is a feeling of a burden removed, clarity of purpose and uplifting positivity. These along with other techniques recommended by Sam have made a more positive impact on my outlook and well-being. 



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