I do the treatment as I would do if you were here in person, so I start at the head, work down, then it's as if you turn over and I work up the back.

 Intention: Release any negative energy linked to creating your own successful business.

To be received: During your sleep.

Initial heart connection: Shrinking back, healing energy sent until more ready to receive.

Head: Rejecting the energy at first, fear of the responsibilities – healing energy sent until accepted, tentatively at first, then a little more until energy flowing in until body and aura filled.

Eyes: Seeing all the problems, pitfalls – healing energy sent until seeing possibilities and potential.

Ears: Hearing a lot of negative talk, re. Recession, etc. – healing energy sent, nothing exists, everything is energy, create the reality that you want.

Throat (motivation): Energy felt rigid, fears – reassuring energy coming through until flowing easily between heart and mind (meaning that you’re making decisions using both).

Heart: Hiding – pink, love energy coming through until it felt as though it was emerging and then blossoming.

Solar Plexus (Relationships, general): Reluctant to put ideas out there – healing energy sent until felt more confident.

Sacral (family): Supportive.

Base (home): Worries, concerns (with regard to this intention) – healing energy sent until it felt happier and more stable.

Knees (moving forward in life): Uncertain – healing energy sent until felt more sure.

Back of  knees (moving forward in the future): Felt more positive and decisive as to direction.

Back (support): Feeling supported but still unsure – extra energy of support coming through for you, ‘What you’re doing is important.’

Shoulders (burdens): Feeling weighed down by this – healing energy sent to lift and clear.

Thoughts: Turning over, pros and cons – energy coming through to follow your guidance, until it felt as though there was more clarity.

Money: Worries, fears – healing energy sent until it felt more positive and expanding.

Life Partner: Worries (with regard to this intention), ‘what will happen if…’ – healing energy sent until felt more relaxed.

Affection: Shrinking away from – healing energy sent until felt more open to receiving.

At the end I ask if there’s anything else that you or I should know: “You’re loved.”

Dia Lumo (Esperanto) - Divine Light