I'm what's known as a "Grand Master" of Advanced Ascension Ashati, you can look it up here, it's given and received as a Reiki treatment would be, either hands-on, or it can be sent.  The difference with what I do is that I work with the Law of Attraction (you create your own reality) and for me each chakra, or energy centre, represents different areas of life.


My job is to release any negative energy that's preventing you getting what you want.  You can either decide to set the intention of the treatment for something specific or let the Universe (or whatever/whoever you believe in) decide what's best for you at this time.

I’m also a Master of various forms of energy healing - Seichem, Tera Mai, Kundalini Reiki and the Healing Order of the Golden Dragon; and I have learnt to do past life work and quantum healing with a Shaman.

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Put all this together and I channel treatments to release any negative energy (fear) that's preventing people manifesting what they want in life. I also do treatments for people who've passed over, for example, for spirits who've passed in a traumatic way, ie. suicide, and the channeling is done in exactly the same way as I would for someone still on this plane. The same techniques have been used to release spirits from properties and to help people’s pets. 

Dia Lumo (Esperanto) - Divine Light