Nothing exists in the whole Universe, everything's energy.  Objects are energy, animals are energy, your body is energy, your thoughts are energy. Where you put your energy, you manifest.

The recession doesn't exist but because so many people believe it, it's being fed and growing from fear-based energy.  You've taken this on as a belief and made it part of your reality.

If you're going through your day saying/thinking 'There's not enough', the Universe/God/whatever receives this, "nature abhors a vacuum"! You've created 'not enough’.


Gratitude is the highest frequency energy that we can generate, so if you're sending waves of gratitude out with your thoughts for all the good stuff, all the support you're getting, all the money coming in, then your balance with the universe is as it should be. However, YOUR ENERGY HAS TO BE CONGRUENT WITH WHAT YOU DESIRE, if you don't have what you want in life it's usually fears that are blocking you from receiving them.

This is where helpers like me come in to clear away any negative energy that's blocking you from receiving what you need and desire.  This can be from this life's experiences, past life experiences, karmic issues, inherited energy (not only do we get our own karma, we can inherit our ancestor's), feelings of unworthiness, etc. Karma is not something that is “inlflicted’ on us, but at a soul-level we agree to work through it in order to learn, evolve and, hopefully, do better.

Apparently, the cosmos have a laugh at the amount of hang-ups we have regarding money, it's only energy!

Dia Lumo (Esperanto) - Divine Light