If you suffer from a recurring pain or nagging ache that the doctors don’t seem able to cure, or even identify its source with any certainty; if you suffer from weight or body image issues, feelings of alienation or loneliness; if you feel isolated and unloved, if you are having difficulties with a relationship or in coping with the hand that life has dealt you..... then perhaps it is time to look beyond what you have tried so far. Perhaps it is time to try and use the energy that powers everything to get your life back into “kilter” with the world.


If you’re looking for help with your pain, if you’re looking for the means to move towards your goals and dreams, even if what you want is just some reassurance that the world around you has not abandoned you - then perhaps this website is a first step along the road.


If you’re going to make the first steps towards a new life then it’s time to talk to someone who has read the map and can guide you in taking those first steps.

Dia Lumo (Esperanto) - Divine Light