We hold particular energies within us, drawing experiences to us which validate them, for example, if at some stage we've taken on the belief that we're unworthy, situations will occur, or people will be drawn to treat us in such a way, that validates this belief; this is not as punishment or because we are at all unworthy, this is merely highlighting something within us that needs healing - and until this negative energy has been released these same experiences will continue.  Our soul-mates are more likely to be our worst enemies than our best friends because they've taken on the task, at a soul-level, to highlight our innermost fears in order for them to be released and healed.


How we're living our lives, making our decisions, is either faith-based or fear-based.  Money - throughout our day, the decisions we're making are either based on 'Faith in Spirit to provide', or 'Fear of lack', and where we put our energy is what we manifest, so if someone is stealing or cheating they're living in 'Fear of lack', = feeding 'lack' in their life. 

Manifesting something you desire doesn't mean that this item will just plop into your lap if you just will it, if your energy is in harmony with what you desire, you've opened your energy to receiving, and you'll receive signs/guidance for you to follow, some may be more challenging than others! 

Divine timing - Lauren C Gorgo of  describes it like this:  " Think of it like this...everything that we desire to be, do or have is always swirling about in our energy field.  The access points to realise these potentials exist in a fluid, unactualised state until our alignment with proper timing is achieved.  Once this alignment is activated and our desire meets timing, we are then able to rapidly bring forth the culmination/creation of our will.”

It's not up to us to decide that someone else needs a treatment, if you have, let's say, an awkward relationship with someone, what you can do is release any negative energy from yourself related to this person and usually that person changes towards you or sometimes (depending on circumstances) they just move out of your life.  Everybody has free will and it's up to the individual to decide what they're ready to release.  It's also possible for someone who's asked for a treatment to reject the healing energies, usually because of other fears coming up, the person's free will overrides everything.

At a soul level we're all happy, healthy, abundant and whole, it's only us and our "baggage" that get in the way of this, healing energy practitioners don't heal anyone, our purpose is to remove any negative energy that's preventing you from healing, what you're doing is allowing healing to occur, in whatever form that takes, whether it happens naturally or with the use of conventional medicine.

Dia Lumo (Esperanto) - Divine Light