Intention: To release all negative energy linked to pain in a lady's left shoulder. It transpired that this pain was related to a past life experience .

Head:  Energy bouncing back (usually related to not feeling worthy, often linked to guilt) - continued to send, asked for stronger energy, continued until eventually accepted and filled.

Eyes:  Seeing scene of battle - swords, muddy field, bare legged (Roman?) - fear - energy sent to detach from scene, watch it play out - each person is just fulfilling their soul contract.

Ears:  Doesn't agree with orders but has to obey, chain of command - energy to recognise that this was part of soul contract, to do with discipline - possible life lesson to be learned from previous life.

Throat:  Giving commands that doesn't agree with - healing energy sent - you were fulfilling that life's contract.


Heart:  Hard, brave - healing energy until "blossoming".

Solar Plexus: (relationships with people, general)  Distrust - politics of situation, could mean life or death - brought other souls involved in this life into healing space for understanding and forgiveness - healing energy sent until felt released.

Sacral: (nearest and dearest) Nothing - sent healing energy until felt warmer and cosy.

Romantic relationships: No close - women around when wanted - healing energy sent until felt softer/feminine.

Base:  Good pulse - felt secure in unit.

Moving forward: Wear and tear physically- healing energy sent until flowing easily.  Allowed himself to relax after a grueling day - healing energy, you don't have to have a grueling day to relax - released until flowing.

Shoulders:  Heavy burdens/armour - lifted, removed.

On shoulder itself: was injured, cut into, then became infected - white light to clean out and heal.

At the end: Good energy pulse throughout the body.

Dia Lumo (Esperanto) - Divine Light