Ashati is a system is focused on the emotional and mental healing, developing the potential of higher meaning and process of spiritual ascension.

This is a unique and revolutionary program that will guide you to a speedy recovery and a deep personal development, while enabling you to understand your being and our multidimensional universe.

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These energies and the changes created by the treatments and initiations at each level of the training Ashati are completely different from Reiki and other energy systems. Ashati is indeed really focused on consciousness and emotions, thoughts, beliefs and higher senses to guide us naturally towards their development, expansion and our connection to our higher senses. The profound healing abilities and demonstration (creation) that gives insiders can be considered as side effects, positive and welcome, this process of spiritual ascension and the return to the source and our true nature.

Through a series of powerful initiations, profound changes in the structure of their chakra system allow insiders to connect to intense energies of healing, release negative entities perform psychic readings, transform their own being to all levels and more. This process allows the release deeply repressed emotions, of limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, trauma from past lives and much more, to transform not only their lives but also that of their loved one.

Each initiation triggers a deep process of healing and transformation of a 21-day period. The course content provides everything you need to understand these changes and develop many new skills and abilities.

Whether for your own personal development, or to train professionally as a medium, healer, teacher or Ashati, insiders around the world have been amazed by the profound changes they observed in their own being and their lives.

Dia Lumo (Esperanto) - Divine Light