There is an underlying unity to the universe that is inescapable, everything is linked because everything, at its core, is energy. From the bio-electrical impulses flowing from our eyes, to the the cognitive processes in our brains (more bio-electricity); from the wi-fi connections and cables that brings this site to us, to the light on our screens, energy is the key and unifying element. Even the devices we are using to read this is an expression of that energy; the atoms that make up all matter are characterised by the spin of their electrons - an unimaginable amount of raw energy that drives our bodies, our brains and everything around us.

We spend most of our lives unaware of the energy that surrounds (and indeed comprises) us, much like a swimming fish cares nothing for the water that carries and nurtures it. But then something goes wrong; a sense of discontinuity creeps into our lives and we find ourselves at odds with the world around us. It might be a physical pain or discomfort (dis-ease) a sense of loss or feeling that “something is wrong,” sometimes it might feel simply that we are living the wrong life, that an essential part of us is “missing.” 

There are therapies and drugs that can help us to deal with these symptoms; but what about the nagging pain that doesn’t show-up on an X-ray, what about the vague sense of dissatisfaction that wakes us at 4 a.m. or the sense of loneliness and despair that can suddenly darken even the brightest of days? The deepest part of us is the energy that links us to the universe around us and that is where we need to look for a solution to the rupture between ourselves and the peace and freedom from pain that we once enjoyed.

In addition to the medical and psychological practitioners and their drugs there are those of us who are able to help by channeling that universal energy that surrounds us to rebalance our lives, relieve our pain or simply to move us along in the search for what our lives lack. That is what this website is all about.

Dia Lumo (Esperanto) - Divine Light